Grana Bella Lodi
Grana Bella Lodi
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Grana Bella Lodi

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Bella Lodi is the typical black crust cheese from Lodi area, which is called Lodigiano. White coloured, intense and fragrant perfume. It is a cheese well-known for its great digestibility, suitable for everyone: young and old people. Bella Lodi has an inedible black rind, a grainy paste typical of hard cheeses. 

Kilometre 0” milk - The milk used for the production of this excellent cheese is milked every day, fresh and noble, coming directly from the nearest milking stall less than one hour away from the cheese dairy.

Bella Lodi is lactose free. Thanks to the careful selection of the lactic ferments used in its production during the fermentation and seasoning process, the lactose present is transformed into lactic acid by the same ferments.


Lodi, Lombardia - Italy.


Cow milk.

SGS: Product Certification
(<0,01g/100g of product)


The production area of Bella Lodi is the plain to the right and left of the middle and lower reaches of the River Adda before it joins the Po. This is the alluvial plain of the Adda and its watershed, which includes the River Serio, which flows into the Adda south of Crema.

Freshly milk is placed in trays and whey is added. Subsequently the milk is placed in copper boilers, the natural rennet is heated and added. Once the curd is obtained, it is cut manually, following the rise in temperature for cooking. The cheese is subsequently placed in molds. Only the shapes suitable for different controls will become Bella Lodi and will be black colored.




Bella Lodi is excellent accompanied by a good glass of medium-structured red wine.


In the fridge at 4°C / 8°C.


About 100 g, vacuum packed. When opening the vacuum bag, let it breathe for 10 minutes before consuming.