About Me


HOI HOI, I'm Elisa, born and raised in Lodi, small city in the North of Italy. After many years of exploration, in 2018, I decided to moved to the Netherland, with my lovely Diego, to change our lives. It was not a difficult choice as I come from the south of Lombardy, where the climate and the countryside are very similar to the Dutch ones.

What I really miss is the sweet and healthy habit of shopping in my trusted Drogherie, small and medium-sized grocery stores, where I could find our typical products that I loved most, those linked to the flavors of my land, of my tradition. 

Luckily, in the Netherlands there are already many typical Italian products, even fresh ones..
but not always “Made in Italy”, almost never typical of North of Italy and, if fresh, they are hardly ready for deliveries.

Combining the passion for research, purchase, use of quality products, with the desire to have them on site and also to make known and share typical products of Northern Italy (especially from my territory and neighboring, rich in agri-food excellence, known to few), I created "La Drogheria”. So, if you are in Amsterdam or in the Netherlands and you are looking for a typical Northen Italian food products, take a tour in my shop.. what you are looking for and much more you can find it here and it is ready for delivery! 

Hope to meet personally you soon!